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TTA Development Team Update

We did not have a good start to the 2018 / 2019 due to delays caused by reparation of pools in Mamelodi. The pool based in Mamelodi East was ready in November 2018 which meant we had to travel from Moroakoma Primary School in Mamelodi West. I had to hire a minibus and use my car on Fridays to transport the athletes.

I have supported a few talented boys and girls and if they have proper training we could have some future stars on our hands. Late in November the pool next to the school was ready which meant we did not to travel at akll.

We are looking forward for 2019. I have notice that there is a municipal pool at Zitha Park in Garsfontein. We will be make arrangements for the kids to go there to help them hone their skills.

Thanks you to Triathlon South Africa and TTA and every one else for your generous donations of equipment. This helps our community a great deal!

Thank you

Coach Isaac Kolela

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