Congratulations to Matthew Greer for winning the African Triathlon Champs. Below is a race report from Matthew himself.

“I recently took part in the African Junior Triathlon Championships, held in Hammamet, Tunisia. I competed against some of the top juniors in Africa. The countries represented were South Africa, Tunisia, Morocco, Mauritius and Jordan. The Race consisted of a 750m swim, in the Mediterranean Sea, followed by a 20km cycle, and ended with a 5km run.

For me, it was not the perfect race, but thanks to previous experience I could come back from some setbacks during the race.

I had an issue running into the water at the start of the race which put me on the back foot early on in the race. I was able to recover and then had a strong swim enabling me to come out of the water 15 seconds behind the two leaders, Tim Hugnin from Mauritius and Farih Amine from Marocco. I had to work hard on the bike to catch the two leaders. Once I joined the leaders, Hugnin & I then worked very hard together to distance ourselves from the rest of the field. Lucky for me, Hugnin could shout in French to try and encourage the Moroccan to also help in the pacing. it was however only the two of us that could keep up the pace. Coming off the bike and starting the run leg, Hugnin and I were neck in neck. After about 1km into the run, I started pulling away from Hugnin. I felt strong and was able to build a lead of 30 seconds and went on to win the African Junior Triathlon Champs.”