Insurance and Social Network

Athlete Insurance
All registered members of CGT/TSA Athletes automatically get cover by way of the TSA Athlete Insurance.  The cover applies to all athletes between the ages of 12 and 75 years of age whilst participating in official events held under the auspices of the TSA including TSA Official Training activities.  Full details can be obtained from the TSA Offices but a brief overview of cover to  TSA registered athletes for death, personal injury and disability cover is as detailed below,

Accidental Death

R50 000, but for athletes aged between 12 & 16 years of age R30,000

Permanent total disablement
Such percentage of R50,000 as is specified for the particular disability

Temporary total disablement
(Refer Memorandum 1) R2,000 per week not exceeding 52 weeks, excluding the first seven days of each  and every claim. (Only applicable if insured person is gainfully employed and cannot exceed 75% of that persons average weekly earnings)
No cover for athletes aged between 12 & 16 years of age

Medical Expenses
R20,000 per Insured Person excluding the first R300 of each and every claim

Insurers maximum liability / accumulation limit per accident is R10, 000, 000.
Medical expenses cover is only applicable if there is no other cover in place (including medical aid)

Social Network
As a registered CGT / TSA athlete you will meet other athletes from all over South Africa and the World who are passionate about the sport of Triathlon, Duathlon and Aquathlon.  Your CGT /TSA membership affiliates you to this global family of like-minded people.  Go and have a look on to see what the ITU keep themselves busy with.  They were the people that did all the work to get triathlon into the Olympics.

A new system has been implemented which allows for Registration fees to be paid by way of Master Card which results in the immediate issue of your Registration / membership number via email.  If you are doing an EFT then be warned that registration could take up to 10 working days.