To all athletes, coaches and National Federations, ITU would like to take the opportunity to clarify a few points in the ITU Competition rules: 1. Clarification on rule 4.6 on swim equipment: a. As per FINA definition only textile fabrics may be used, with a limit of 0.8 mm. Therefore, neoprene panels will be not allowed for a non-wetsuit swim. Please check with ITU if any equipment is deemed illegal. b. As per ITU rule 4.6 b (i) first bullet point, which forbids artificial propulsion devices, the wetsuits with elements which separates from the wetsuit in the propulsion phase of the stroke, increasing the pushing surface, are not allowed. Please check with ITU if any equipment is deemed illegal. 2. Clarification on rule 5.2: a. The definition of the handlebar included in 5.2 d) (i) 7th bullet point is generating a number of different interpretations among athletes coaches and officials. The background of this rule is to avoid clip-ons longer than the foremost part of the handlebar. Keeping this in mind, the clip-ons must be checked in order not to have any chance to rotate them to become longer than the limit. Therefore if the clip-on bar was free to move at the connection to the drop bar, the furthermost point of the clip-on at any point on the axis of rotation must not extend beyond the brake levers. The clip-on bar must be tightened and not be able to move. b. Dimensions which can be checked and, as consequence, athletes can be refused entry in the race: i. ITU rule 5.2 b) (i) to 5.2 b) (v) ii. ITU rule 5.2 a) and UCI rule on minimum weight: 6.8 kg. Additional parts can be added to the bike to increase the weight until this minimum is reached. iii. Wheels which are included in the UCI list All of these matters were discussed through various forums and the interpretation of the existing rules were done by the ITU Technical Committee. Furthermore, the ITU Technical Delegate will follow the ITU Competition Rules when ruling on decisions on the use of the wetsuit to ensure the athletes’ safety is the first priority. (ITU Competition Rules 4.2, 4.3) The same applies on allowing extra clothing during the cycle and the run sections. (ITU Competition Rules 2.7) Lastly, the time penalties for sprint distance races is 10 seconds, as opposed to 15 seconds.