Photo Credit: Craig Muller : Exciting news for Spec-Savers IRONMAN South Africa age-group athletes as IRONMAN World Championship qualifying slots for IRONMAN South Africa have now been increased to 40. This will give our athletes an even greater chance to earn a slot to compete at the most coveted event in the world of triathlon. The Spec-Savers IRONMAN South Africa is an official qualifier event for the IRONMAN World Championship in Kona, Hawaii and previously had 30 qualifying slots on offer. The number of slots has now been increased to 40 making the race even more attractive for age-group athletes who aim to push for a much coveted World Championship slot. The IRONMAN South Africa slot allocation policy will remain as per normal with one qualifying slot allocated equally between men and women for each age group and the additional slots will be rolled down to the age group with the largest number of athletes. One of the greatest honours in the sport of triathlon is to race at the birthplace of the IRONMAN. To be part of a select group of people from around the world and become entrenched in the fabric of the famed history of the IRONMAN brand. Your road to Kona starts at the 2013 Spec-Savers IRONMAN South Africa on 14 April 2013. Spec–Savers IRONMAN South Africa 14 April 2013 3.8km SWIM | 180.2km BIKE | 42.2km RUN 40 qualifying slots for the 2013 IRONMAN World Championship in Kona, Hawaii