RACING KIT All juniors and age groupers will race in approved provincial colours only. 4.20 A Senior Elite, under 23 Elite and Junior Elite athlete may compete at the South African National Championships in the clothing, kit and colours  of his/her sponsor, provided such race kit shall materially correspond with the ITU Race Uniform Rule. (TSA Constitution) PROVINCIAL KIT All athletes who qualify for medals will wear their FULL provincial race kit at the prize giving and medal presentation. If there is a drastic change in the weather conditions, Provincial tracksuits may be worn. BIKES d.) Handlebars: (i)  For draft-legal races the following handlebar rule will apply: Only traditional drop handlebars are permitted. The handlebars must be plugged. Certified clip-on handlebars will be permitted if they are not longer than the foremost line of the brake levers. No space is permitted between the left and right hand side of the clip-on bar at its forward most point.  Forward facing handlebars must have solid standard factory bridge joining both sides of the clip-on bars at its forward   most point. Brake levers must be mounted on the handlebar, not on the clip-on and may not face forward.  No forward facing gear shifters are allowed on the end on the clip-on handlebars. Clip-on handlebars must be mounted parallel to the ground. Water bottles and water bottle holders may not be mounted onto the handlebars or clip-on (ii)  For draft-illegal races, the following rules on handlebars apply: Only handlebars and clip-on bars not exceeding beyond the leading edge of the front wheel will be permitted. Clip-on bars in two pieces do not need to be bridged. All tube ends have to be plugged. The above rule on handlebars has been taken from the latest ITU Competition Rules which came into effect at the end of February 2012.