Kindly take note that the venue and date of the 2012 SA Duathlon Championships have been changed due to unforeseen- and circumstances beyond our control. Whilst we make and announce arrangements only AFTER confirming with the local authorities, we are at their mercy in terms of traffic control, emergency services and so forth. Without these services there will be no event and whilst it may have been approved originally it has now come to the attention of the local municipality that there are several other events planned, (it being Youth Day and generally a day of robust celebration) at the same venue or in close proximity thereof. The authorities are therefore no longer in the position to ensure road closure or to provide sufficient support in terms of traffic control. These are essential aspects in terms of the safety of an event and TSA will never compromise the safety of our athletes, hence the decision to move the Championships to a more secure location. 2012 SA Duathlon Championships New Date: 17 June 2012 New Location: Brandvlei, Worcester